Special Issues

As it was announced, Ext. Abstracts will be assessed for possible invitation to be extended and improved so as to be published as full articles in the journals of EWRA (with the consent of the authors). Specially appointed committees are now finalising the lists for each of the journals. The authors will be asked to write and submit their full papers by the end of the year.

Please find below the final list for each journal (will be published as soon as the are ready).

Water Resources Management

NoManuscript Title and AuthorsSession
1Assessment of Reservoir Sedimentation using Landsat Imagery & HEC-HMS Model in Kodar Reservoir Watershed of Chhattisgarh State, India
Champat Lal Dewangan, Ishtiyaq Ahmad
2A Drought Alert system based on seasonal forecasts
Elisa Arnone, Marco Cucchi, Sara Dal Gesso, Marcello Petitta
3Analyzing the Groundwater Age and Flow Fractions in Subsurface Hydrologic Systems
Nitha Ayinippully Nalarajan, Suresh Kumar Govindarajan, Indumathi M Nambi
4Trade-off between environmental flow and water availability: a mesoscale analysis for Europe
Alvaro Sordo-Ward, María Dolores Bejarano, Isabel Granados García, Luis Garrote de Marcos
5Evolution of water use, consumption and energy in the Spanish irrigated sector
J. Espinosa-Tasón, C. Gutiérrez-Martín, J. Berbel
6A robust method to update local IDF curves and flood maps using global climate model output and weather typing based statistical downscaling
María Bermúdez, Luis Cea, Els Van Uytven, Patrick Willems, Jerónimo Puertas
7Slackwater sediment in a gully network records the increase in maximum probable precipitation due to climate change (Jaén, Spain)
José David del Moral-Erencia, Pedro Jesús Jiménez-Ruíz, Francisco José Pérez-Latorre, Patricio Bohorquez
8A regional Depth ? Duration - Frequency formulation for sub-hourly extreme rainfall estimates in Sicily under scale invariance
Brunella Bonaccorso, Giuseppina Bringandì, Giuseppe Tito Aronica
9Assessing Operational Reservoir Rules for Evaluating Flood Risk Scenarios Using a Monte Carlo Bivariate Framework ? A Case Study in Sicily
Angela Candela, Giuseppe T. Aronica
10Quantifying the impact on stormwater management of an innovative ceramic permeable pavement solution in Benic?ssim (Spain)
Jesica Tamara Castillo-Rodríguez, Ignacio Andrés-Doménech, Miguel Martín-Monerris, Ignacio Escuder-Bueno, Sara Perales-Momparler
11Crop Water Requirement Prediction and Observation of Potential Productivity on the scope of a Mediterranean Agricultural Plot
Mert Can Gunacti, Ali Gul, Cem Polat Cetinkaya, Dilek Kahraman, Funda Kidoglu, Sener Ozcelik
12Mapping water scarcity in India using Water Poverty Index
Ashish Chopra, Parthasarathy Ramachandaran
13A flexible approach for the design of water distribution systems using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis
Maria da Conceição Cunha, João Marques, Dragan Savic
14Assessing lake vulnerability to climate change using the coupled MIKE SHE/MIKE 11 model: Case study of Lake Zazari in Greece
D. Papadimos, K. Demertzi, D. Papamichail
15Transitioning to Sustainable Groundwater Use: an Economic Analysis of Supply and Demand Management Options in California's Central Valley
Alvar Escriva-Bou, Josué Medellín-Azuara, Ellen Hanak, Jay R. Lund
16Investigation about trends in rainfall in a small island: the case of Madeira Island, Portugal
Luis Angel Espinosa Villalpando, Maria Manuela Portela, Rui Rodrigues
17Effects of water pricing at river basin scale: the case of Guadalquivir (Southern Spain)
M.M. Borrego-Marín, A. Expósito, J. Berbel
18The environmental impacts of flow regulation in Spain
Silvestre García de Jalón, Marta González del Tánago, Diego García de Jalón
19Impacts of Changing Precipitation Patterns on Hydrology and Pollutant Transport in a Subsurface-Drained Watershed
Margaret W. Gitau, Sushant Mehan
20Hydro-economic modelling approaches for agricultural water resources management in a Greek Watershed
Angelos Alamanos, Nikitas Mylopoulos, Athanasios Loukas, Dionysios Latinopoulos, Stefanos Xenarios
21A DSS tool for stochastic optimization of large-scale water resource systems
Hector Macian-Sorribes, Manuel Pulido-Velazquez
22Drought and scarcity joint indicators for transboundary Iberian river districts: The case of Minho and Lima river basins
Rodrigo Maia, Miguel Costa, Juliana Mendes
23Integrating top-down and bottom-up approaches for climate change adaptation in the Jucar river basin (Spain)
Patricia Marcos García, Manuel Pulido Velázquez
24Scenario analysis for energy optimization of pumping plants in complex water supply systems
Jacopo Napolitano, Giovanni Maria Sechi
25Non stationary duration-frequency modelling of hydro-climatic extremes
Taha B.M.J. Ouarda, Latifa Youssef, Christian Charron
26Water values: participatory water ecosystem services assessment in the Arno River basin
Tommaso Pacetti, Giulio Castelli, Lapo Cecconi, Lorenzo Tilli, Enrica Caporali, Elena Bresci
27Assessment of climate change impacts on water supply systems: application to the Pozzillo reservoir, Sicily
David Johnny Peres, Antonino Cancelliere
28Non-stationary behaviour of extreme events in Portugal: droughts and rainfall trends
F.A. Albuquerque, M.M. Portela
29Towards reducing model error in flow predictions in ungauged basins via a Bayesian approach
Cristina Prieto, Nataliya Le Vine, Dmitri Kavetski, Eduardo García, César Álvarez, Raúl Medina
30Best management practices as an alternative for flood and urban storm water control: the study case of a urban watershed in the Metropolitan Area of Rome (Italy)
F. Recanatesi, C. Giuliani, M. Piccinno, B. Cucca, M.N. Ripa
31System dynamics for integrated management of the Jucar River Basin
Adrià Rubio Martín, Héctor Macian-Sorribes, Manuel Pulido-Velazquez, Alberto Garcia-Prats
32Calibration procedure of regional flow-duration curves evaluating water resource withdrawal from diversion dam
Emanuela Sassu, Riccardo Zucca, Giovanni Maria Sechi
33Agronomic and Groundwater Nitrate Contamination Modelling in Rural Basin, Central Greece
Pantelis Sidiropoulos, Georgios Tziatzios, Lampros Vasiliades, Nikitas Mylopoulos, Athanasios Loukas
34How to account for uncertainty in optimization of urban systems
O. Marquez-Calvo, D.P. Solomatine
35Quantification of expected changes in peak flow quantiles in climate change by combining hydrological modelling with the modified CN method
Enrique Soriano, Luis Mediero, Carlos Garijo
36Evaluation of Management Strategies under the WFD: Application of Fuzzy ELECTRE Method
L. Panagiotou, M. Spiliotis, I. Kagalou
37Effects of spatial correlation of demands on the cost and resilience of water distribution networks: A new design optimization approach
Tiku T. Tanyimboh, Salah Saleh
38Considering the use of crop evapotranspiration (ETc) in Reconnaissance Drought Index (RDI)
D. Tigkas, H. Vangelis, G. Tsakiris
39Machine Learning Analyses of Climate Data and Models
V.V. Vesselinov, D. O’Malley, B.S. Aelxandrov, C. Furusho, K. Stefan
40Evaluating the performance of a hydrodynamic model using SAR images
Angeliki Gkouma, Ioanna Zotou, Vasilis Bellos, Vassilia Karathanassi, Vassilios A. Tsihrintzis