About the Congress

Based on the decision of the General Assembly of EWRA held in Athens (7 July 2017), the 11th World Congress on Water Resources and Environment under the theme “Managing Water Resources for a Sustainable Future” will be held in Madrid, 25-29 June 2019.

The aim of the Congress is to discuss innovation in water resources management to address current and future challenges: growing uncertainty, greater extremes, increasing demand, water scarcity and global change. While traditional management practice is still effective, new technologies and approaches are emerging to better protect, regulate, allocate and recycle water resources. Sustainable management of water resources in the 21st Century requires a comprehensive understanding of the interaction of complex natural and social components in a changing context. The Congress will seek scientifically sound and economically-efficient solutions that are environmentally friendly, socially acceptable and climate-proof.

The Congress intends to be a forum for scientists and engineers from diverse cultures around the world to discuss their understanding of water resources systems at a diversity of scales and to promote environmentally sustainable water resources management.

A wide range of topics addressing the most critical aspects of water resources management will be presented in the Congress. We welcome contributions from researchers from all aspects of water resources management who are keen to look beyond their research perspective and who like to discuss their research findings in relation to other approaches

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Special Issues

As it was announced, Ext. Abstracts will be assessed for possible invitation to be extended and improved so as to be published as full articles in the journals of EWRA (with the consent of the authors). Specially appointed committees are now finalising the lists for each of the journals. The final lists will be available here

Congress Proceedings

You may download the Congress Proceedings here

Guidelines for poster presentations

Poster sessions will be held in the main poster hall. There are two poster sessions per day, according to the programme. Authors are free to set up their posters at their convenience, but no later than the beginning of their poster session. The presenting authors of poster papers are requested to be present at the poster room, during the coffee break of the corresponding session. The number of each poster paper will be attached to the board at the beginning of the poster session. Poster boards are in landscape format, of 1400 mm width and 1000 mm height. Authors may use the poster space at their will. All the material necessary for attaching the poster to the poster board will be available at the facility desk in the poster area. Authors should retire their posters at the end of the sessions. Any remaining posters will be removed by the organization at 19:00 h.


The Executive Committee of EWRA decided to offer 10 grants for the participation in the Congress as follows:

Grants to students from a developing country. The grants include participation at student category plus Gala dinner. Ηowever selected students have to pay for travel & accommodation.

The awarded students are:

Salah Saleh (Libya)

Abbas Roozbahani  (Iran)

Satudeh Hoseini – Ghafari (Iran)

S. Mehdi Abedam Dehkordi (Iran)


Grants to young scientists/engineers from a developing country for distant paper submission.

The awarded scientists/engineers are:

Ramin Mansuri

Rahimi Jamnani

Mahsen Farzin

Anand Abraham

Saeideh Menbari


The 11th World Congress of EWRA on Water Resources and Environment will take place in Madrid from 25th to 29th of June 2019.

The venue of the 11th World Congress is:
Civil Engineering School of Technical University of Madrid (UPM)
(Escuela de Ingenieros de Caminos, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Ciudad Universitaria campus)

Fourth Announcement and Call for Ext. Abstracts

The “Fourth Announcement and Call for Ext. Abstracts” is downloadable through the following button.


  • Opening Ceremony: Wednesday, June 26, at 9:00
  • Galla Dinner: Thursday, June 27, at 21:00
  • Field Trip/Technical Visit: Saturday, June 29, at 9:00